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Practical Kinesiology Company (PKCO) specializes in improving human performance and reducing workplace injuries. This is achieved through PKCO's unique science-based educational courses, practical strategies, and technologies. PKCO provides customers with recommendations on procedures and task specific modifications to increase productivity, improve workplace safety, and manage risk. This can save significant amounts, often hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars, in worker's compensation claims, health insurance claims and lost work time due to injuries. All PKCO services are provided by some of the best human performance coaches and subject matter experts in the United States.

Our Services Include:

performance training for

Law Enforcement

Fire Services

Military & Tactical Operators


Additional Services 

Work Hardening and Conditioning for Construction Trades
Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention for Public Works
Workplace Wellness through Remediation and Nutrition
Movement Assessment and Evaluation for Injury Prevention and Performance Improvement
Corporate Wellness Services
Education Courses to Train Instructors
Fitness Testing
Personalized Fitness Program Design
Exercise Demonstration
Fitness Facility Set-Up
Fitness Equipment Sales
Complete Nutrition Services
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