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military and tactical operator Performance Courses

Tactical Readiness Instructor Course (TRIC)

The TRIC educates military and tactical operators on how to perform and teach the latest science based techniques to improve the physical preparedness of military personnel. This course is tailored for the aspiring or current military physical fitness trainer who wants to expand their knowledge base or those in charge of their unit’s physical fitness who want to learn how to perform and instruct others in these methods. In this instructor course, participants will learn how to improve power, strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, agility, conditioning and movement skills for the everyday tasks required of those who serve in the armed forces. Movements will be analyzed and instructional aids available in order for instructors to return and adapt these practices as part of their units existing training programs. 

Additionally, this course adds the unique benefit of teaching instructors how to address the muscular and structural imbalances commonly seen in military personnel. This is a distinguishing feature of PKCO instruction that no other company offers. Many military
men and women are suffering from or will suffer from unnecessary pain, due to muscular and structural imbalances. This affects their ability to efficiently perform on the job tasks and eventually can lead to debilitating injuries during the performance of tactical
maneuvers and everyday tasks. This course will give those attending a better understanding of the injuries most commonly suffered among military personnel and how to prevent the imbalances which can cause them, and minimize the risk of injury occurrence and/or re-occurrence, through PKCO drills/exercises taught in the course.

The TRIC can be adapted to service the size and needs of any unit or branch of the armed forces. More detailed information is available upon request.

Tactical Readiness Course (TRC)

The TRC course was specifically designed for military personnel to minimize the risk of injury occurrence and/or re-occurrence. Many military men and women are suffering from or will suffer from unnecessary pain, due to muscular and structural imbalances. This affects their ability to efficiently perform job related tasks and eventually can lead to debilitating overuse injuries during the performance of  tactical maneuvers and everyday tasks. The financial cost to the military and the quality of life issues for those serving are serious. PKCO’s unique methods, drills, and exercises taught in this course are proven to remediate theses imbalances and improve the level of physical readiness.

The benefits of this course:

Provides a method to self-identify the potential for injury
Educates on the common causes of armed forces related injuries
Instruction of practical strategies to remediate current muscular & structural imbalances
Techniques can be implemented at home post or at location of deployment Improves tactical readiness and quality of life

The TRC also addresses movement abilities. The muscular and structural imbalances commonly seen in the armed forces inhibit the ability to move efficiently and safely. Remediating these imbalances prepares military personnel to be able to learn ‘how to move’. Most people have never received instruction in the basics of moving efficiently. The TRC introduces the concepts of ‘moving efficiently’ in all aspects of military performance and teaches drills and exercises to safely perform military functions that require movement abilities. Being able to move efficiently and safely will help reduce and minimize injuries and improve tactical abilities. The Tactical Readiness Course is highly recommended for all military personnel regardless of job tasks including officers, administrative support staff, instructors, tactical operators, and specialists.

The TRC can be adapted to service the size and needs of any unit or branch of the armed forces. More detailed information is available upon request.

Tactical Weight Training and Conditioning

This course is ideal for those in the military who lift weights or military physical fitness instructors who instruct weight training for their units. Many weight lifting exercises have little or no impact on military related performance and increase the risk for severe injury. This course provides instruction on weight room safety and correct exercise technique to minimize training injuries and maximize military performance. In-depth discussions and practical demonstrations of weight lifting techniques and program design to improve tactical specific performance will be addressed. Program and exercise modifications based on gender, age, activity levels and past injuries are addressed in this course. Methods taught will help to reduce injuries that are common to the armed forces, such as those to the rotator cuff, knees and lower back, and improve physical readiness. PKCO’s unique methods, of integrating power and strength
exercises with metabolic conditioning drills, are highly efficient and saves valuable training time. This means getting results faster with less time having to be spent in the weight room. That translates into shorter workouts allowing military personnel more time to be spent on other training endeavors over the course of a day.

The Tactical Weight Training & Conditioning course can be adapted to service the size and needs of any unit or branch of the armed forces. More detailed information is available upon request.

Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coaching Services

PKCO Performance Coaches will come to your post or base and perform on site tactical strength and conditioning services. These services are available for long or short term assignments.

Benefits of Tactical Strength & Conditioning Coaching Services:

  • Design and administer tactical specific strength and conditioning programs to maximize physical performance and minimize injuries

  • Assist and work with military physical therapists and athletic training staff to enhance the combat readiness of troops

  • Educates military instructors on how to perform and teach the latest science based techniques to improve the physical preparedness of military personnel 

  • Remediate muscular and structural imbalances so troops can move efficiently and safely during tactical training

  • Highly efficient training saves valuable time while getting results faster allowing military personnel more time to be spent on other training endeavors

All PKCO services are provided by some of the best human performance coaches and subject matter experts in the United States. PKCO services can be adapted to the size and needs of any unit or branch of the armed forces. More detailed information is available
upon request.

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