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EMT Performance Training

PKCO’s unique EMT Performance courses will improve any emergency medical technician's ability to perform job related physical skills. PKCO has adapted the latest technologies and approaches from the training of elite athletes, to military and tactical applications. The latest research from the fields of exercise science, exercise physiology, and kinesiology are incorporated into all PKCO courses and emergency medical technician's Performance Training Systems.

Course Design

All PKCO courses and training systems have been developed by degreed and certified sports performance coaches with years of experience working with some of the top professional and elite athletes in the United States. 


PKCO's integrated approach can be incorporated into any agency or department programs.

Benefits of using PKCO training 
  • Improve movement skills for the everyday tasks required of EMT's

  • Reduce injuries that result from professional & training endeavors

  • Gain improved neuromuscular coordination and reaction time

  • Increase flexibility, strength, and agility in all positions and ranges of motion important to emergency medical technicians

  • Improved physical preparedness 

  • Restored ability to physically perform at a high level

  • Improved quality of life

  • Specific training programs designed exclusively to meet the needs of emergency medical technicians









All PKCO courses and EMT Performance Training Systems are available ONLY to EMT departments or agencies.  


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