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law enforcement Performance Training

PKCO’s unique courses and Police Performance Training Systems will improve any law enforcement officers’ ability to perform job related physical skills. PKCO’s courses are a favorite among defensive tactics, baton, firearms, and fitness instructors from all areas of the law enforcement community. PKCO has adapted the latest technologies and approaches from the training of elite athletes, to law enforcement applications. The latest research from the fields of exercise science, exercise physiology, and kinesiology are incorporated into all PKCO courses and Law Enforcement Performance Training Systems.

Course Design

All PKCO courses and training systems have been developed by degreed and certified sports performance coaches with years of experience working with some of the top professional and elite athletes in the United States. Our instructors have trained thousands of law enforcement officers at every level including federal, state, county, and city. 


PKCO's integrated approach can be incorporated into any agency's PT, DT, or firearms programs.

Benefits of using PKCO training 
  • Improve movement skills to get out of the line of fire faster

  • Increase the ability to deliver more forceful baton strikes

  • Reduce injuries that result from professional & training endeavors

  • Ability to better employ defensive tactics

  • Gain a tactical advantage through improved neuromuscular coordination and reaction time

  • Increase flexibility, strength, and agility in all positions and ranges of motion important to law enforcement

  • Greater efficiency in performing law enforcement specific movement patterns

  • Increase shoulder stability, grip, and forearm strength for better shooting performance

  • Law enforcement specific training programs designed exclusively to meet the needs of law enforcement personnel

  • Specialized preparation to win on the street when it counts the most










All PKCO courses and Law Enforcement Performance Training Systems are available ONLY to sworn law enforcement officers, instructors, departments, and agencies.  


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