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What we do

Practical Kinesiology Company (PKCO) specializes in improving human performance and reducing workplace injuries through unique science-based educational courses, practical strategies and technologies.

All PKCO courses and training systems have been developed by degreed and certified sports performance coaches with years of experience working with some of the top professional and elite athletes in the United States. Our instructors have trained thousands 
of law enforcement officers at every level including federal, state, county, and city.

It's about time someone came up with some practical, job related fitness for this profession! I am a 25 yr veteran police officer with certifications as a defensive tactics instructor, firearms instructor, and personal fitness trainer. I work in a regional academy setting with
cadets of widely varied age and fitness level. Your Tactical Police Performance Instructor course far exceeded my expectation in both content and utility.  While you have an extensive academic exercise science background, your practical experience and truly "blue collar" ethics made this hands-on, conceptual presentation easy for anyone to understand. Virtually everything I learned has 
been immediately employed and embraced in our academy.  I look forward to having you back again soon. Thank you for your service to Law Enforcement.

Bruce Harlan
Regional Training Coordinator
Capital Area Council of Governments
Austin, TX

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