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James DiNaso
Police Performance Director


James Di Naso is co-owner of Police Kinesiology Company and serves as the company’s Police Performance Director.  Over the past several years, he has traveled to academies and agencies all over the United States training thousands of federal, state, county and city law enforcement officers. He is a nationally recognized subject matter expert on law enforcement physical preparation.  James is also a sought after speaker and has presented at several state, national and international 
law enforcement conferences including ITOA, ASLET, and ILEETA. He has authored many articles on police specific fitness for national publications and has a featured video series on and bluetube.


Prior to focusing his efforts on training law enforcement officers, James worked for 25 years as a sports performance coach training athletes at every level including professional athletes from the NFL, NBA and MLB.  He served as the Executive Sports Performance Director for Velocity Sports Performance in Willowbrook IL and has owned and operated his own performance training business for 23 years.  James holds a Masters’ Degree in Exercise Science from Eastern Illinois University and professional certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the United 
States Weightlifting Federation.

Brian Marvin
Lead Instructor

Brian Marvin is an independent instructor and law enforcement consultant with PKCO. Brian has instructed at numerous PKCO courses including instructor level and training academies in the Chicago area, Tucson, Seattle, Omaha, Fort Worth, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Maui and brings years of law enforcement experience to the company. Brian is a thirty (30) year veteran police officer and served his entire career with the Coles County Sheriff’s Office in Charleston, IL.  During his tenure, he worked in all aspects of law enforcement and retired from the Sheriff’s Office in March of 2007 with the rank of Administrative Captain.  Brian not only brings his law enforcement background to PKCO, but he also brings his own experiences of having trained incorrectly for years. His own experiences help officers understand the importance of both injury prevention and using exercise science to train smarter and improve police performance.


Brian has trained with PKCO owner James Di Naso for several years and has assisted him in coaching the youth members of the Olympic weightlifting club that James sponsors, as well as numerous officers (both male and female) with their own fitness programs.

Kate Kalnes
Technical Director


Kate Kalnes is co-owner of Police Kinesiology Company and serves as the company’s Technical Director. She is an instructor for North East Multi Regional Training, a regional police training academy in Illinois, and has co-authored PKCO police performance training courses.  Concurrent with focusing her efforts on law enforcement training, Kate is a Kinetic Wellness teacher at the high school and college level. Kate earned an undergraduate degree in Human Performance and Kinesiology from Huntingdon College, a Masters Degree in Exercise and Health Studies from Miami 
University, and a Doctorate of Education from Walden University. She currently holds  professional certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

PKCO Trainers

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